Mistaken Identity

By The Editor

Female Blog Reader: I really liked the article you wrote about Kelly Ayotte.

The Editor: I didn’t write that.

Female Blog Reader: Sure you did, it was on your website. It was really good.

The Editor: Don Kerr wrote that.

Female Blog Reader: But it’s on your website.

The Editor: It’s a website I run, I don’t write everything. Don has a whole section of the website for the stuff he writes.

Female Blog Reader: But you talked about when you were a reporter in New Hampshire.

The Editor: Don was a reporter in New Hampshire, too. We worked for the same newspaper. That’s how we became friends.

Female Blog Reader: Are you sure you didn’t write that one?

The Editor: I’m pretty sure I would remember if I wrote it. Plus, Don’s name is right at the top of the article.

Female Blog Reader: Oh. Well, tell you friend Don I really liked his article about Kelly Ayotte.

The Editor: Okay, mom. I’ll let him know.

(November 5, 2016)

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