Hey D! What Gives??

Hey, D. Allan Kerr!

Did you fly to the west coast without me AGAIN??

Damn, I thought we were going to head down to Mar-a-Lago to get a firsthand look at how the president’s frequent trips there are helping to reduce our 20 Trillion Dollar Debt.

I understand you need to use up your frequent flyer points while pondering how to drain the Washington swamp beyond the positive steps that have already occurred under the Swamp Drainer-In-Chief, including placing an ExxonMobil CEO, the “King of Bankruptcy” and Goldman Sachs executives in the administration, and watching as a gaggle of former campaign staff and friendlies have become non-swampy lobbyists.

But in the meantime, try to get your head out of the clouds while you’re up in the air above those fly-over states. Damn elitists like you – who spend your carefree days of leisure writing occasional columns for regional newspapers and barely noticed websites, living high on the hog in tax-free New Hampshire and swanning around the lavish and exclusive “Vacationland” of Maine – need to understand that Donald Trump is non-politically disrupting the status quo in favor of real Americans, unlike you!

(Seriously though, can I fly to the west coast with you? I’m pretty broke and I think I’m going to lose my health insurance, even though I only got it last year.)

The Sloth

(May 13, 017)

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