The Legacy of Hyme Kerr

The intent is to encourage people to consider older candidates if you’re thinking of opening your home to a homeless critter

Rock Rest: ‘Oasis’ for 20th-Century Black Travelers

residents who knew the Sinclairs were not aware of what was happening at Rock Rest, or that African Americans could be prohibited from lodging or dining locally

We Owe It All to Our Founding Fathers, Like It or Not

These men knew exactly what they were doing, even if they never could have envisioned the world around us today

Wentworth and the Missing Medals

legend tells us the undistributed medals were later returned to the unit’s commander, and this is where the trail gets twisted

The ‘Unvarnished Truth’ of Kittery’s Pepperrell

destiny placed him at the head of a ragtag American army to capture a fortress believed to be impregnable

Prince Whipple was a Source of Legend and Inspiration

Like so many other aspects of his life, however, we don’t know for certain

Lack of Training Aided USS Thresher’s Undoing

To date, no single “smoking gun” has been uncovered as to the accident’s cause

Roland Glenn: Hawk and Dove

Glenn described it with brutal honesty in a book he wrote in 2009 about his experiences, appropriately entitled, “The Hawk and the Dove.” In his situation, he ultimately had to be both

There Should Be No Boring History Teachers

neither father nor son ever knew either one had received the nation’s highest military honor

‘Gentleman Johnny’ and the Seacoast Salt

His account offers a unique insider’s perspective from the most important era in our nation’s history – the birth of the United States

The Shipwreck That Wouldn’t Die

Harding selected a group of his storm warriors to sally forth in a surfboat to the stranded vessel

Remembering an Unsung Female Hero of the Thresher Disaster

She gave birth to her son a few months after the Thresher disaster and named him after the father he never met

Maine’s First Town Has Banner Year

check out what happened this year in Kittery, the oldest town in the entire state of Maine

How My Humble Home Became A Doggie Ranch

So fate forced our hand and we coughed up the fee to permanently adopt these senior citizens

Fighting For The Lost 74

Most of the more than 70 crew members who perished in the sea were sleeping in their quarters at the time

A Sufman Lost, A Grandson Found

we fleshed out a story which in its own small way weaves into the intimate history of this beautiful but once-deadly Seacoast region

A Sub Skipper’s Thresher Lawsuit

A subsequent Naval Court of Inquiry later that year generated nearly 1,700 pages of testimony from witnesses and experts, but only 19 have been released to the public

An Overdue Whipple

At an age when most of his compatriots in Congress were pursuing higher learning in the classroom, he chose a life of adventure on the high seas

Seacoast’s Founding Father Was One Cool Daddy

He was a man of principle, and also a man of action

No Time to Lower Kittery’s Flag

With the private fund now empty, the flags will have to become part of the town’s operating budget

The Rescue Of The S-48

The storm was so severe the responders could not get a rescue line to the Navy crewmen.

Portrait Of An Old-School ‘Aquaman’

He is credited with saving a fellow surfman when a heavy wave knocked them both from their footing while searching for survivors

The Tale Of The Oliver Dyer

Harding and his entire crew were each awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal. It is the highest honor they could have earned for their heroism

When America Lost A Nuclear Bomb

The minesweeper was in port at Barcelona when Craig learned of the collision, and once it became clear the missing bomb had plunged into the ocean the Sagacity was called in to help find it.

Wood Island Shows Potential of Private-Public Partnerships

the general public will have a remarkable – and accessible – reminder of the Seacoast’s insanely rich maritime heritage

USS Thresher Deserves National Salute

SSN 593’s value extends far beyond the Seacoast, which is why there’s currently an effort under way to have the Thresher recognized at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia

Maine’s Own Founding Father

Whipple, being who he was, backed his words with the steel of his sword

Adventures in Dogsitting

having four dogs in the house within a year of doing the fostering thing became a reality in just two months

An Early Education To Last A Lifetime

I felt that crazy sense of warmth within the walls of this school

USS Squalus: The Saviors And The Saved

It was about his men, the Navy and the mission … Self never got in the way of service

Another Sad Dog Story

It was an afternoon of sunshine and tears

Never To Be Forgotten

It remains the worst submarine disaster the world has ever known

Kittery’s Magnificent Seven

We did it because we had to, and then when it was over we were glad to have it done with

Saving Story Of The Surfmen

Their only armor was the bulky cork life jacket that came to symbolize their mission

Family Rediscovers USS Thresher Commander’s Letters

the Sea Dragon and the Skate shot many torpedoes at each other under the ice

Best And Brightest Lost In Submarine Disaster

a fascinating mix of intellects and swashbucklers — men of genius and adventure

Thresher Disaster Claimed Life Of Rising Naval Star

At 35, one of the youngest sub commanders in the Navy at the time

Pennington One Of Three African-Americans Lost Aboard Doomed Submarine Thresher

When African-Americans couldn’t sit at a soda fountain, Pennington was designated as the sub’s leading chief reactor technician

Original Thresher Was World War II Hero

armed with 10 torpedo tubes, two cannons and a .50-caliber deck gun, SS 200 operated throughout the Pacific

Widow Lacked Luxury Of Tears

You just sucked it up and got through it, like a New Englander

Baseball Field Named After Hometown Hero Lost Aboard Sub

in Exeter, his most lasting legacy is likely through the Little League program

Cold War Casualties Aboard USS Thresher

Jimmy and I just about grew up overnight

Hometown Boy Lost Aboard USS Thresher

Tragically, both Peter and the Thresher were on the very cusp of fulfilling their potential