Bash to Vlad

this whole civil war thing is taking up WAY too much of my time

Trump Names McDonald Housing Secretary

Ron will be guiding our national housing initiatives for the next one to three years

Ghost Of Charles Dickens Sues Trump

His foulest miscreants never stooped so low

Gingrich Cancels Dominatrix Session

I don’t stop until he shouts ‘Reagan!’

Satan Arrested for Indiana Voter Fraud

I need to get Ted interested in doing the whole Cheney power-behind-the-throne thing

GOP Dodges Bullet(s)

let’s see if we can go even further backward by holding a convention where the winner is the guy with the fewest exit wounds

Trump Goes Off Meds

I could stop taking my Thorazine or Haldol or Thiothixene and stand on 5th Avenue and shoot many, many of those stupid people