Thank God We’re Rid of Jorge Garcia

why go thru the trouble of tracking down criminals when you can just nab folks like Garcia who show up at ICE offices by appointment?

Medicaid Expansion Is Simply A No-Brainer

Stated simply, expanding Medicaid coverage saves lives and reduces health care costs

A Verbal Mistletoe

take a moment to sit back and observe your significant other with the same eyes as when you first realized you loved her. Or him

Lessons For American Boys

Moore has also threatened to sue his accusers and – like Trump – he absolutely never will

Why Maine’s Medicaid Battle Matters

it makes sense to have a system in place for when those situations occur

Captain America Versus The Red Skull

drastic action such as Mueller’s firing would help folks decide where they stand

Jesus Was A Liberal (Like It Or Not)

Try to imagine a figure in American politics who is more un-Christlike

Leadership Takes More Than Talk

news footage showed the mayor of San Juan wading thru water higher than her waist

Saving Captain Mueller

He’s survived bullets, cancer, terrorists, gangsters, and New England hockey

The Political Correctness of Being Politically Incorrect

if you have to channel your political incorrectness thru the fears and preferences of a particular audience, you aren’t really being bold

Conflicts of a Confederate

it’s hard to argue on behalf of symbols which spit in the face of fellow Americans

The Lying Game

one would be faced with the daunting task of selecting just one singular lie

Courage In Washington Hasn’t Died Yet

He issued a stern civic lesson to the Failing President of the United States

The Manchurian Idiot

Imagine how Putin’s eyes must have lit up when he first saw the billionaire buffoon

The Story of Chicken Liar

Few public figures have been more ripe for caricature

Hey D! What Gives??

Damn elitists like you

Let the Flags Fly

it also reminds us we’re a pretty kick-ass country

Chicken Liar’s True Colors Are Yellow, Not Orange

Not exactly the kind of bulldog tenacity his supporters were counting on

The Politics of Stupidity

All necessary steps have been taken, other than the five seconds it would take LePage to sign his name

Sununu Is Failing the Backbone Test

you think you can pass me the ketchup and that illegal voting evidence

N.H. Needs to Fight Back Now

President Chicken Liar should foot the bill for the cost of defending the state against his slanderous remarks

Donald Trump: The Goebbels of ISIS

He’s been a one-man advertising campaign promoting the success of the terrorist organization

Real Men Don’t Tweet

it would probably be a good idea not to say things that make you sound really, really, really stupid

What I’ll Miss About Barack Obama

It is very likely the most amazing presidential moment I’ve ever seen

From Russia, To Donald, With Love

Trump is trying to spin the past with absolutely no facts to back his whacky claims

The Emperor Has No Clue

what harm could the tweets of a mentally unstable President-elect possibly have

Why The Dakota Pipeline Matters 

the reservation was not considered a high consequence area. Not to the guys putting in the pipeline, at least

Don’t Give Up On America Yet

It’s up to you to make sure public discourse isn’t silenced or peaceful dissent isn’t shouted down

Mistaken Identity

Are you sure you didn’t write that one?

The Speech Hillary Needs To Give

I’m going to be honest with you – Donald has made my job way too easy

Is Donald Trump The Real Rapist?

Jane Doe remained so fearful of Trump she maintained her silence for several years

Kudos For Kelly

Make no mistake – what Ayotte’s doing right now takes a lot of guts

Donald Trump’s Willie Horton

This one tale embodies the sexism, the racism, the stupidity, the crassness and nastiness and the overall Orange Weasel qualities of the guy

Tissues For Trump

My eyes teared up at the injustices poor Donald must endure

The Trump Tower of Lies

I have a problem with someone so utterly contemptuous of the truth, and nearly as much scorn for those who ignore their mission to safeguard the truth

Trump’s Tower of Lies – The Sequel

the Artful Draft Dodger prefers to honor veterans who weren’t silly enough to be taken prisoner during combat or who aren’t Muslim

An Open Letter To New Hampshire

Donald Trump IS Pat Buchanan – plus Twitter and minus 50 IQ points

The Logical Solution To Easing Our Fears

Due to the overwhelming number of Christians in the country it might not be feasible to ship them out … but we can at least register them

The Faux Campaign Of Donald J. Trump

This is not a campaign for the White House; it’s a campaign for attention