But Seriously…

Dishonest Media Insults Inauguration

He had nothing conciliatory or uplifting to say

The Trumpian J’accuse: A New Orwellian Mind Trick

they change their minds to sing along to his tune without even noticing they are doing so

Q: Historically Speaking, Why Do We Need Assault Rifles?

I don’t care how many paper torsos you care to ventilate or the number of wall-mounted deer heads you think is necessary to give your den that authentic Hemingway lodge look

What’s So Good About Outsiders?

that’s like Bill Gates saying he not only dropped out of Harvard, he’s quite proud he also avoided those useless schools that hand out computer science degrees

Confessions of a Wasted Vote

instead of one of the cool kids who rocked the vote for a sax-playing Democrat in shades, I chose the big-eared Lawrence Welk guy



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