Sununu Is Failing the Backbone Test

By D. Allan Kerr

As my lovely wife will tell you, I sometimes have a hard time letting things go. This fabrication about orchestrated, massive voter fraud in New Hampshire is the latest example.

But the governor of New Hampshire doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with this accusation, which I find odd and a little concerning. After all, how good a governor can you be if you aren’t willing to stand up for your own state?

Chris Sununu hasn’t been in office long, but he seems to be failing the backbone test.

busIt was about a month ago that President Chicken Liar claimed “thousands” of people were bussed into New Hampshire in November to vote illegally.

He offered this as his excuse for not winning the state, but in doing so he also implied that the home of the fabled First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary is too corrupt and incompetent to run an election.

Curiously, Sununu had previously bashed his own state as well, making a similar claim during his gubernatorial campaign. To his credit, he later admitted – after he won the governorship – that there really was no evidence of such large-scale chicanery.

Following Chicken Liar’s accusation, Sununu said he looked forward to exploring any proof the White House might provide to back the claim.

A couple of weeks later he reiterated this stance, reportedly telling Politico: “We’ve talked a little bit, and I basically said, ‘Look, if there’s real evidence out there that you have that we don’t have, we’re happy to talk about that and take a look at it.’”

As it happens, Sununu was in Washington D.C. that very weekend for a national governors conference. He even attended a White House dinner with Chicken Liar last Sunday. What a perfect opportunity, right?

All he had to say was: “Hey, as long as I’m here, you think you can pass me the ketchup and that illegal voting evidence you used to totally trash my state? I’ll just pop it right into my trunk.”

Apparently that didn’t happen. Sununu told the Associated Press he actually had an opportunity to talk privately with Chicken Liar, and they discussed the importance of making sure substance abuse treatment remains covered by health insurance. Very valid point. But again, if you’re right there, why not snag that voter fraud evidence?

chicken-littleAnd remember, Chicken Liar himself swore that he would call for a national investigation of widespread voting fraud.

Sununu was in Washington for four days but apparently did not return home with boxes full of illegal voting stuff. Which would mean, I suggest, that no such evidence exists.

I’ve sent multiple e-mails to Sununu’s office about this matter but have yet to receive the courtesy of a reply.

sununu-garnerI do know he got his picture taken down there with actress Jennifer Garner of TV’s “Alias,” however, and who can blame him for that?

Let’s be clear about the implication of this voter fraud lie – what Chicken Liar is saying is that thousands of people were able to infiltrate New Hampshire’s voting booths in an orchestrated maneuver Granite State citizens were too stupid or corrupt to recognize.

New Hampshire, it can be said, is actually in the “election business,” courtesy of its First-In-The-Nation Primary. The people of the state take great pride in this distinction, and they’ve spent a lot of years honing their expertise.

When a self-serving chronological liar casts aspersions on this process to satisfy his own egotistical tangerine delusions, someone needs to call him out. Theoretically, that should be the governor.

As it is, the state attorney general’s office sees no need to even investigate the bogus claims – mainly because no one has filed a complaint.

Assistant Attorney General Brian Buonamano points out that past allegations were sparked by New Hampshire college kids riding to the polls on buses with Massachusetts plates.

“I would investigate if we received a complaint from anyone that alleged specific busses at specific polling places that carried illegal voters,” he says.

The state’s Republican-controlled legislature certainly doesn’t seem eager to expose the lie.

But just this week, a trio of Dartmouth College scholars concluded a study that debunked the accusation. Their report determined that Chicken Liar’s claims “are at best unsupported and at worst an intentional mistruth” – which I guess is Ivy League for “big fat lie.”

They observed no unusual surge in voter turnout in New Hampshire towns last November, even in those closer to the Massachusetts border where busses would have entered.

ayotteThey also said towns which did have higher voter turnout in 2016 than 2010 had a higher proportion of votes for Republican Kelly Ayotte, who narrowly lost her U.S. Senate seat in the election.

“That’s the opposite of what you might expect to see if anti-Ayotte ringers had been bussed in to vote in New Hampshire,” the report states.

Even Chicken Liar’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski – who isn’t much more credible than his former boss but lives in New Hampshire – admits massive fraud never took place here.

apologyThe bottom line is – if this lie is so preposterous that it doesn’t even merit investigation, then Chicken Liar owes the people of New Hampshire an apology.

And the governor of New Hampshire is the one who should demand that apology.

He had the opportunity to do so, in person, last weekend. But maybe it’s hard to do so when the accuser is just repeating your own statements.

March 5, 2017

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