D. Allan Kerr

D. Allan Kerr is an ex-dockworker, former newspaperman and U.S. Navy veteran living in Kittery, Maine.

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Silent Strength: Remembering the Men of Genius and Adventure Lost in the World’s Worst Submarine Disaster

54 thoughts on “D. Allan Kerr

  1. Laurel says:

    Nice opinion article in the Exeter Newsletter. I do believe, however, that you have exaggerated Hillary’s supposed opinion of Kelly Ayotte. Kelly just dropped Trump after the video. Up until then he was a “role model” for children. She (Kelly) would have scored many more points if she had been brave enough to withdraw her support months ago as other republicans have done. Also, Hillary would not be too excited about a woman who votes against funding Planned Parenthood.
    Thank you for listening.


  2. D. says:

    I had my frustrations with Kelly as well, but she did forcefully call out Trump even prior to the video, most notably regarding his attacks on the Khan family. I don’t take bucking one’s party lightly — it really is a pretty bold move, where you can be accused of disloyalty on one side and still have the other side say it’s still not enough. You don’t often see NH’s Democratic officials taking these kinds of stands against THEIR party ……..


  3. Emmay says:

    Your column today (1/22/17) in Seacoast Sunday is one of the most powerful and beautiful columns I’ve read, and a great homage to John Lewis. Thank you.


  4. Steve Mattson says:

    My dad , George Mattson, passed away last month at 91. He was USN , WW2. He was a test engineer at PNSY and worked on the Thresher, and went on one of her initial test cruises. He and two of his test crew were originally slated to go on that fateful trip… but last minute changes cut the three down to one who could go. They drew lots, as all wanted to go out. His co worker and friend, Dick Fisher won. I was only 12 when the Thresher went down, but remember how upset dad was…. I don’t think part of him ever got over it. I remember him saying that when ever he heard the Navy hymn, he thought of the Thresher. The day dad passed, I said he was now on the Thresher, in the galley, drinking coffee with Dick and catching up… Thanks for your article on the Thresher. We remember.


  5. Marion Goodwin says:

    Thank you for the history lesson. My father was Navy at the time of Pearl Harbor bombing. My husbands father was on a ship in the Bataan at the time of the Japanese Surrender. He was on board when they signed the surrender. My husbands gr,gr,gr grandfather was Zachary Taylor, the 12 th President of the United States. He was in the Army for 40 years prior to becoming president. My brothers were serving during Vietnam times. My daughter is retired from The Army. Love reading about our history and the men ans women that have served. They they all be blessed. 🙏🏻🇺🇸


  6. Mark Schlieper says:

    Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate, she lost and you cannot get over it. Please read NYT columnist Maureen Dowd’s book about the race to be Potus between HC and DT. Bill and Hill have left a snail trail of disgraceful behavior in their wake. What did Hill call Monica, “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty”? There is a reason Trump got elected: He is not really a republican and he is not a liberal progressive. He is a non-politician swamp drainer, a disrupter. His election just kills guys like you and Chris Cuomo, Chris Mathews, et al. The next time you fly to the west coast from Boston, try to imagine all those Trump voters in those fly over states and perhaps think how the USA can shrink the 20 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT we are in.


  7. Anonymous says:

    O Mark, you could not be more incorrect. I’m actually thrilled that Chicken Liar has to back his big talk, which he did not count on. Any idiot can be a disrupter and throw rocks from the outside — it takes a leader to be President.

    And if you consider what he’s done swamp-draining, and you really think this $20 trillion debt is going to shrink under this presidency, you deserve the disappointments coming your way.


  8. please purge the world of people like D.ALLAN KERR says:

    This author is a moron. He obviously leans the wrong way when deciding what is right and what is wrong. The country is full people like him who do not deserve the space written here. I could use stronger words here but the “D.ALLAN KERRS” of the world dont get it. Liberals are what they are always negative about everything. He would make a very good “mate” for Rachel Maddow. Probably loves the Shumurs, Pelosis, and other such despicable people who were elected to help run this country. Give Trump a chance to purge this country of the D. ALLAN KERRS. He is what is wrong with this country drain the swamp of misguided idiot liberals now.


  9. slothonline says:

    Dear Right-Wing Commenter,

    Thanks very much for your previous post, and by that I mean thanks for proving a point. Your insult deriding Mr. Kerr as a “moron,” followed by a block of typos, misspellings, and calls for some sort of authoritarian, Tsarist “purge” by the president, prove that Mr. Trump’s position is beholden to the limited mental powers of many like yourself.

    You note that you could use stronger words, and I appreciate that you did not, because then I would have had to take down your comment for the sake of civility. Yet, unlike the narrow understanding of freedom displayed by your claim that Mr. Kerr does “not deserve the space written here” – still wondering how to write a space, but anyway – we here at the Sloth Blog wholeheartedly believe in the greatest gift bestowed by the founders of our proud nation: freedom of speech. Therefore, your comments stand for all to see. Not only because we believe that all people “deserve” the opportunity for free speech, no matter how moronic, but also because a dim bulb scribbling a post such as yours only highlights how Mr. Kerr is both astute and accurate in the majority of points he makes in his column.

    D. Allan Kerr has, and will continue to receive, our full support.

    – The Editor


  10. Stingray says:

    Donald Trump is what happens when people don’t understand their own history and their own government and rely on too much sound bite television for perspective. Dissatisfaction with Washington’s performance is understandable. Voting for the anti-candidate who rants makes one feel better but throws into office the worst possible choice. The people have voted against their own best interests. There will be a long trail of broken promises. The result is confusion and chaos and there will be much more in the next 44 months.

    Donald Trump is an ignorant, arrogant, self-absorbed, misogynist, racist, historically-obtuse, constitutionally-illiterate, mean, mean-spirited, narcissist. He’s a pathological liar and a bully who: cozies up to our worst adversary; admires dictators; insults our most valuable allies and neighbors; demeans the very institutions that have helped keep ours a free society for 241 years; and cannot express himself in complete sentences. He is totally unprepared for and completely unqualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief. He demands regal fealty but loyalty is a one-way street. He is incapable of introspection and cannot take responsibility for anything, i.e., “I didn’t lose him. The generals did.” Staffers who defend him get thrown under the bus the next day.

    President of the United States is no place for on-the-job training. Ranting on Twitter is not governing. Instead of dealing with the many issues confronting this great nation Washington is consumed with a continuing string of self-created scandals and the tremendous effort needed to conceal the truth — whatever it is. “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son”, as Dean Wormer said. Two out of three is pretty bad when you’re supposed to be the Leader of the Free World. He is, instead, Putin’s “useful idiot” and laughing stock around the world. Funny it isn’t. It’s sad and it’s dangerous.


    1. Katelin Hoffman says:

      Thank you. I feel validated. You surely see what I am seeing right now. I don’t understand how he is still allowed to do what he is to America and Americans. He has to be crazy. OK, technically, psychopaths and sociopaths are not considered crazy, but are very dangerous. He’s flipped to the extreme. Millions of deaths to stay in power? Inciting violence? A civil war? Who is going to stop him and why has no one done so yet? Sorry, just really scared for America. If this keeps up, most of us will get to be his sacrifice. Not how I want to die. Nor living in this divided hate filled America that is not the America we once had. If he is not stopped, America will die.


  11. Carin Future says:

    The 1973 War Powers Resolution (WPR) is an irrelevant piece of legislation, because in order to fundamentally change the US Constitution, as the WPR sought to do by transferring ANY of Congress’ sole war power and authority from the Legislative branch to the Executive branch. a 2/3 or 66.7% vote is needed in both the House and the Senate, BUT the House vote was only 64.7% (284/439), 9 votes short of the 293/439 needed…bottom line: The WPR failed by 2% to fundamentally change the US Constitution, and ALL war power authority remains safely stowed with the Congress of We The People; the President has absolutely no war power authority at any time under any conditions whatsoever to commit ANY actos of war of any kind (missiles, Moab, etc).

    Houston, we have a problem…


  12. Jim says:


    Read your op-ed on fosters.com and very much appreciated your balanced and intelligent perspective on the whole confederate statue issue. You are a real American.


  13. Mary says:

    I just reread your Sunday,1/8/17 column again and after watching the final episode of The Vietnam War, I needed to feel some Grace. Thank you for your thoughtful and moving column…I miss his class and Grace, too.


  14. Al says:

    You need to do your homework on Kerry’s loss of part of his leg. Medical records authored by thr attending corpsman indicate the wound was sutured treated with antibacterial cream and he returned to duty same day.
    You comment that he lost part of his leg indicates your continued lack of objectivity and credibility.
    There is plenty of sleaze on both sides without making things up



    1. D Allan Kerr says:

      I missed this previous reply from “Al” who I believe is thinking of former Sen. John Kerry, who indeed did not lose part of his leg in Vietnam. But I was referring to former Sen. Bob Kerrey, who did indeed have to have his leg amputated due to combat wounds and certainly was NOT “returned to duty the same day” since part of his leg was blown off. Such is the stupidity of people who shoot off their mouths with no idea what they’re talking about.


  15. Chris Williams says:

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for something you never knew you did nearly 20 years ago. Your words helped keep me grounded and feel connected to the seacoast through multiple deployments and time away from home. I began reading your column/ op-ed during the several years that I lived in Kittery but followed your writing along with the news and politics for years afterwards in hopes of returning. I recently retired from the Navy after 24 years, and while I now live in a slightly warner climate, I still have much love for the beauty of the Granite and Pine Tree Coasts.


  16. Chris Kelly says:

    Dr. Kerr,
    I appreciated your piece in Donald Trump’s wildly inconsistent stances. I think we are simply witnessing a person who is, despite all his bravado, possibly the most unintelligent person to hold the Oval Office. Coupled with his impulsivity, this makes for an astoundingly frightening scenario.
    I am a political agnostic. I despise Hillary Clinton and am no big fan of Biden. My entire adult life I sadly have had to vote for the person that I felt would hurt me the least and haven’t been excited about my political choices for thirty years.
    Perhaps we need a pause. A re-writing of the political structure of you will. We certainly need an equally strong third party and term limits at all levels of government or we risk electing another buffoon like we did four years ago.


    1. Katelin Hoffman says:

      I just want to ask. as you said you wanted to vote for the person who would hurt you the least, that you research now about what is happening esp. with Covid 19 an the consequences of decisions, actions or lack of actions. I could tell you what I see and know, even Gov’t admissions, but I don’t want to try and take away from you what you believe. I don’t want to not say anything when you are questioning either. The best way to get an answer is listen to what trump has told Woodward. Should find it online. And what trump said in response the next day. Ask if the reason he gives makes sense. First, do a brief search of what he says at rallies, really all the time now, and decide if it corresponds to his Covid 19 reason. Then look at the consequences of his behaviors. What happens when he denies Covid is real? What happens by insisting people don’t wear masks, protect themselves and others? Ask yourself what it is when someone intentionally deceives people which can harm or cause death to themselves or others? Look for instances which trump mentioned another civil war. Look at him recently pointing out BLUE STATES bad, RED STATES good. Sorry, Blue states and red states, and ask why is he doing that. Ask when such a division and hatred of political parties began to be so bad and why? Please don’t search facebook or social medias. Check different sources. And if you come across something that makes no sense, fact check as there is a lot of stuff out there that is not true. I am only asking you listen to trumps own words. Also, you may want to ask yourself how wise it is to trust the truth when you are told to only listen to one news network and one or two newspapers, one of which makes does not hide it is white supremacist. If/when you find it though, you will also find a once very close tie to someone you may decide to vote for as well as a few others who has been, one still is in a very important role. My telling you anything is not helpful. You need to see it. If you want the truth, if you want to make the best vote for yourself, this can help. There is so much there. I don’t care who you vote for. I care about America and Americans.


  17. Katelin Hoffman says:

    Now we have “herd immunity” which at current Covid 19 death rate sacrifices 6.9 million Americans. Oh, add in the consequences of infecting 70% of all Americans, we get hospitals so overloaded, people are left to recover or to die at home, numerous health care worker deaths as no ppcs, no medications as no extras are not being produced and the flu season. That 6.9 million then, at the very least, triples to 20,700.000 American deaths. Most likely there will be many more as the current death rate is based on deaths happening with some medication help, hospitalizations, protection of health care workers and few infected vs 70%. This plan has already begun. Despite admitting he downplays the virus, he continues, insisting people stop protecting themselves.

    Trying to protect people from dying now is akin to slavery? Caring for other lives? Following the oath Governors, mayors, etc. took when entering their office, it makes sense they would mandate people protect themselves to protect others also. How can someone not care if they infect another and that person dies? Legal murder? Basically, it is murder. I have not heard of anyone refusing medical help because they did not believe or did not care if they got sick. They have a right to then go on and kill health care workers who willingly risk their lives to save them. One arrogant person who refuses to wear a mask can kill many. Why do people not care? Well, our government doesn’t. It is murdering people also. I once called it democide. It’s far worse.

    In addition, you are so right about a civil war. We are getting much closer. BLUE STATES bad. RED STATES good. Some people can’t see beyond the love and devotion. No matter what is admitted right now, they will not acknowledge it, not all, only the core supporters, regular America. They can’t because of mind control. So strange saying that, but other than brainwashing which sounds worse, it happens to be true. Watch and listen, but don’t if you may be vulnerable to it. Just look at the supporters, who complained, said, did anything after the admission it was on purpose from the in person admission the day after hearing the tape and what happened? Not a peep nor speck of movement. Has there ever been a whisper of any kind of question, betrayal from the core? There won’t no matter what he himself will do or say. He’s been preparing for a civil war. He’s been grooming people. He said militias were training to protect him from removal from the WH should he not be reelected.

    This was all so predictable, except the pandemic and willingness to murder millions of Americans. No, it was possible, I knew, but thought it would be the obvious ones. I could have, and sometimes did say what was happening and going to. If I can, just a regular person who happened to live too close to him in CT, knows what he is, has and will do, others, esp. people in the Gov’t has to also. So why is he allowed to intentionally kill Americans? It a scout leader were to lead a group up a mountain and tell those who he led that the mountain creates an illusion, they were really going back downhill and they can just down from where they are and be fine, and some did. Is that not murder? What if he said the reason he did it was there was a huge bear behind them and he only had enough bear repellent to save anyone who didn’t jump, figuring many of them would die directly from the bear or fall off the mountain cliff to due to fighting with the bear or trying to avoid the bear? Is it still murder?

    The games of our Gov’t. There is one goal. Remain in power no matter the cost. Too many though and there could be consequences that were not planned, like the grid, food supplies etc. Money and power means nothing if he creates an American apocalypse. Of course Putin will come. America will be lost forever. All that our ancestors put into building this country. It already does not seem to matter. The Constitution may as well be burned as it will be if this continues. I wish I had not heard him say what he is doing and going to do. I am only saying the consequences if he follows through and what he is doing. Anyone and everyone can look it up. I made nothing up but the scout on the mountain scenario. Everything else are the almost definite consequences. If no one in power does nothing to stop it, America is doomed. Just a fact.


  18. Stephen MacKenzie says:

    Dear Mr. Kerr,
    I meant to message you a couple of weeks ago regarding your recent column “Still Standing with Susan Collins.” Let me say that I appreciated your objectivity in that piece, though I fear your endorsement is too little too late. I agree that while Susan Collins may not be the perfect senator she has been a good senator–for the State of Maine and the rest of the nation. Sadly, I felt the same way about Kelly Ayotte in my own State of New Hampshire, and we know what the Democratic machine was able to do to her. Enough said. I find myself agreeing with your political positions rarely, but your parents were good friends for many years, and I am certain they raised a good son. Some of my bretherns’ rants aside, keep writing for as long as you wish. This is still the land of the free–kind of.
    Grace & peace,
    Steve MacKenzie


  19. Frank says:

    Rogers Park…

    “Some residents – including myself – would prefer to keep these treasures secret so they don’t become spoiled, overcrowded tourist attractions.”

    I suggest not writing about it on social media or other.


  20. sandy tucker says:

    Re: your 12/26 column about antimaskers: Well put. And on the same tack, most businesses have a sign – No shirt, no shoes, no service – I have never seen a person standing in the aisle, barefoot & bare chested, screaming ‘I’m an American’
    That’s just a business requirement for personal modesty, not fighting a deadly disease – What gives?


    1. Art Vandelay says:

      How long would you wear a mask for if the government told you to? Just out curiosity. Another year? That would make it three years. How about another 5 years? Would you wear a mask for another 10 years? Let’s say the CDC says hey we have some new guidance on masks and we recommend masks in public indefinitely for life. Would you do it? Covid has been reduced to about the same severity as a cold at this point. A bad flu is much worse than omicron. Should we continue to act as if it’s the first wave?


  21. Mary Ann Cooper Cooper says:

    Mr. Kerr, I want to thank you for your wonderful article in Foster’s of 2/15/21-“Trailblazing women”! LIke you, I had never heard ofthe 6888th Central Postal Battalion. Personified by our local Doris Moore about whom you also wrote, this group of women made an amazing contribution to our WW2 effort! Aggain, thank you ffor your amazing journalism and attention to our history, for example, re the Thresher.


  22. j. cronhome says:

    Ref “Why the POW/MIA flag needs to fly again” Hassan’s father did not “win” the Bronze Star!! He was “awarded” the Bronze Star. Medals, especially those for valor, are not the result of some kind of race!! If you don’t know that, you SHOULD!!


  23. Anonymous says:

    The most relevant book for Americans to read right now is Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste, The Origins of Our Discontents. It would be a great service if you were to read it and promote it.
    Hope you and all your families are safe and well.


  24. Art Vandelay says:

    I recently read an opinion based article from Kerr on Yahoo news. It was divisive, ignorant, and dehumanizing towards millions and millions of people who for whatever personal reason don’t want these vaccines in their body. If someone is sick they have the right to a hospital bed. Period. This is the United States of America. We have the right to choose what to do with our bodies and the right to medical care. It’s disgusting to suggest that some people don’t deserve medical attention. You should be ashamed of yourself. Its irresponsible to pit neighbor against neighbor with such irresponsible writing. We need unity. United we stand divided we fall. Also I felt the writing was weak and mundane. Hone your craft.


  25. Richard says:

    Truck you Kerry ya stupid idiot democrat scumbag. Truck your service! You are the type that shouldn’t have come back and an a real American should of. Hey where is the covid crisis? In your trucking mind it is flu trucking idiots life. No government dictates to you on what you put in your body. See your abortion stance trucking idiots! Holy ship America has no chance with idiot followers like you


  26. marcusmaxis says:

    Just read your article on Yahoo concerning covid vax. Since you think people who are not vaxxed should not get hospital care I guess that makes you a murderer. At least that is how God will see it. Good luck with that because the scripture says murderers don’t inherit the Kingdom of God. Arrogant beyond belief!!


  27. Anonymous says:

    Not sure why you think your thoughts about COVID, vaccines and rejecting beds matter. Do you think ANYONE CARES what you think????

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll think about it if I get COVID for the 2nd time and it’s just as bad as the slight fever, cough and headache I had last time for 16 hours!!!!


  28. Anonymous says:

    Ah hem…… Since when do you know the mind of God? I’d say you are arrogant beyond belief to presume you do. I agree with Allan. People who refuse to get vaccinated should stay home.
    They made their choice to gamble with Covid and lost. Can’t fix stupid!


    1. marcusmaxis says:

      Anyone who wishes death to those who are not vaxxed is a murderer. That means YOU! and anyone else who confesses that. I would not refuse hospital care to anyone for any reason. Your leftist brain is rotten to the core for ever saying a thing like this!


      1. Stephen Mackenzie says:

        Wow! Some of you folks do get stirred up, huh? Part of me understands the frustration with folks who choose to be unvaccinated, but in general people have a right to make their own decisions about their bodies. Isn’t that largely what the abortion debate is grounded in, at least in theory? Just for conversation’s sake, if we were to deny hospital care to the unvaccinated, where does it stop? Wouldn’t we also have to deny hospital care to people who “choose” to smoke, drink too much, eat to obesity, drive recklessly, etc.? Just some thoughts from this New Englander who is thanking God he woke up to a warm Caribbean morning. ________________________________


  29. Anonymous says:

    what day were you jabbed??? you got 2 years left, from that day, the chenese and several americans have made a pledge to dropp population numbers, typally by getting rid of 60 and older,, bye bye biden, plosi you need to do sum research,


  30. Polly Howells says:

    Hi D. Allan,
    I just read your excellent article in the Seacoast about William Dean Howells. I am his great-granddaughter. I knew Susan Goodman a few years ago when she wrote the biography. I have been trying to get in touch with her, and have not been able to find her contact information. Could you email it to me.

    One small correction to your article: Kay Howells was not the wife of WDH’s great grandson, she wa the wife of his grandson John Noyes Mead Howells, who donated the Memorial and the land around it to Harvard in 1979. They were my parents.

    Thank you for writing the article. I hope the tours were a fabulous as they promised to be.


  31. Anonymous says:

    In your article about repubQnons coming after my condoms, you also mention how guns get men motivated. I think that as the right devolves into fascism, the republicans are going to be the ones who take the guns. Democrats should be pushing that narrative.


  32. Raymond Buckland Sr says:

    D.Allen Kerr.
    I read your message to the DEMACUNTS and after reading it and all the remarks I do believe you sir should kept your fucking mouth shut. As my Dad would have said you make about scenes as a WIND MILL TURNING BACKWARDS. You are the reason this country is becoming a third world SHITHOLE, I can’t believe any MAN who serviced in the military would even consider him/her self a Fu king Democrat yet there you you are. What a fucking discrets you are to the human race.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Actually, princess, people who have served should be MORE inclined to call out the traitors who attacked our country because they lost an election.

      And unfortunately, the only way to shut my fucking mouth is if you want to do it yourself. Consider this an invitation.


    2. Anony Mous says:

      It’s very sad to see a comment like this (Raymond Buckland Sr)
      But there will be always people in the world who are morally and ethically blind,
      nothing can changed that – they are born, live and die – but their state of minds stay the same.

      “Man was born to turn the world into paradise, but tragically he was born flawed. And so his paradise has always been spoiled by stupidity, greed, destructiveness.”
      Daniel Quinn


  33. Joe says:

    It’s not just condoms they’re after…books, voting, who you love, choices for women’s healthcare decisions, Social Security, Medicare! It never ends, it seems.


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